Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up to be in the parade? 

A: If you are a group of any size, a float or a vehicle you MUST fill out a Parade Application. This can bedownloaded and completed, then mailed or email to us. Please see our Parade Participation page for more details.

Q: What if my kids want to ride their bikes? How do I sign up? Do I need to sign up? 

A: Kids and their parents who want to ride their bikes, skates, skateboard, scooters, or strollers are the only entries that the Parade committee allows to enter the parade the day of the event. These types of entries are “Day of Entries.” All other parade units (entries) must have completed and submitted an application before the deadline.

Day of Entries (bikes and wagons) must report to the parade staging area at Lincoln High School (555 Dana Avenue) at the parade staging time of 8:00 a.m. There will be a specific area for Bikes and Wagons. All participants must complete a form at the check-in area for Bikes and Wagons.

Volunteers will be in this Bike and Wagon area with decorating supplies for the kids to use to decorate their bike, scooter, wagon, etc.   We encourage kids to decorate at home as decorating supplies are limited and some of the most original creations in the past have been decorated at home.

Q: What if a group of my friends or my club wants to walk in the parade? 

A: Have them fill out an application! We love having the different groups! Reminder: Entries must be submitted by June 20, 2017.

Q: How do I know if my application is received or approved? 

A: When received, an email will be sent to confirm receipt. The parade committee meets weekly and will be sending notices that your application has been approved (or not) and with approved entries any parade line-up information will be sent out the week before the parade. You will be assigned a section and number within the staging area that you will be asked to report to.

Q: Where is the best viewing area? 

A: Anywhere along the parade route!